Council Meeting: September 21, 2015

Council Meeting: September 21, 2015

The future of Villeneuve Road will be the big topic of discussion at Council on Monday. Due to the expected interest from the public, this item will not be discussed until 5PM to ensure that residents are available to come and share their thoughts on the various options should they so choose.

Council Policy C-PS-02 – Policing Services: A draft Council Policy on Policing Services is being brought to Council for review and approval or further direction. This policy was reviewed by Administration, as directed by Council, after the Policing Long Term Department Plan was adopted in June of 2014.

Bylaw 28/2015 – Master Rates, Bylaws for Fees, Charges & Fines: Administration is proposing adjustments to the City’s municipal fees, charges and bylaws, as part of the 2016-2018 Municipal and Utility Budget Process. The adjustments are designed to reflect Council’s policy direction where applicable. There are also two Council Motions that will be debated related to this topic (see below).

Notice of Motion – 2007 Cost Recovery Model: Mayor Crouse has provided the following notice of motion: “That a business case be included in the fall of 2015 for consideration in the amount of $40,000 to perform an update of the 2007 cost recovery model if it cannot be completed using internal staff by the fall 2016 budget.”

Notice of Motion – Harmonize Seniors Age to 65: Mayor Crouse has provided the following notice of motion: “That effective fall, 2016 budget, the age of seniors be harmonized for all City departments to the age of 65 for the purposes of setting fees, rates and charges.”

Employment Lands Concept – Stakeholder Engagement Feedback: This report provides information regarding the status of preliminary discussions with landowners, stakeholders, development industry and interested investors regarding the potential future use of the Employment Lands. It also provides some information regarding some potential next steps and makes recommends that Administration develops principles of an Area Structure Plan and engineering design options by Q3 2016 that will be used to guide the development of the Employment Lands based on a planned usage of light industrial and suburban office markets.

Cultural Services Annual Report: The purpose of this report is to provide Council with an update on the highlights and progress of the Cultural Master Plan.

Villeneuve Road Recommendations: This report provides a final recommendation associated with the alignment, function and road design cross section for Villeneuve Road and proposed Fowler Way which is intended to be incorporated within the Transportation Master Plan update (2014/2015) which will then be incorporated into the Transportation Systems Bylaw and followed for future road network growth and development. Five options were explored throughout the process and the proposed alignment is represented in the photo below (click on the photo for an enlarged view). There is also a considerable amount of information available in the Agenda Report for this item (you can access it by clicking on the link at the start of this item).


Please let me know if you have any thoughts or comments regarding this week’s agenda. Thanks!

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