Council Meeting: October 5, 2015

Council Meeting: October 5, 2015

For those of you not interested in reading all 500+ pages of this week’s Agenda Report, here’s your summary of what we’ll be discussing at Monday’s Council meeting: 

Continuous Improvement Review Update: The report provides a brief update on the Continuous Improvement Review Program and the three corporate-level continuous improvement projects that were selected in 2014 and continued in 2015:

  • Development Applications Process Review
  • Enhancing Public Communication, Consultation and Engagement
  • Service Levels Benchmarking

Capital Region Waste Minimization Advisory Committee (CRWMAC) Integrated Waste Plan Recommendations: To provide Council with an update on the Capital Region Waste Minimization Advisory Committee’s (CRWMAC) progress and provide an opportunity to review the committee’s recommendations on residential waste minimization in the Alberta Capital Region.

Local Transit Route Restructure: The purpose of this report is to outline the process and actions to date related to St. Albert Transit’s (StAT) Local Transit Route Restructure. There are a number of steps involved in the review of the local route restructure. The process includes data collection and analysis (which already has occurred), establishment of a Local Transit Route Restructuring Advisory Committee, review of StAT’s service standards, development and analysis of route and service alternatives, leading to a recommended local route restructure. Based on the above process, implementation of the route restructure would be scheduled to begin in September 2016.

Biennial Review of Brand Policy: The report provides a summary update to Council on activities completed to date in support of implementing City Council Policy C-CAO-17 City of St. Albert Community Brand and provides recommended changes to the policy.

State of Fire Services: The purpose of this report is to provide Council with an update on the highlights and progress of the Fire Services 2011 Long Range Plan.

Public Hearing Process: Administration have been asked to provide options for enabling a more transparent opportunity for the public and other stakeholders to review and comment on the full agenda package for proposed Public Hearings, in particular for Planning and Development applications. This item came to Council on September 8, 2015 but was postponed after one amendment was passed and some clarification was required.

Council Motion – Amendment to Public Hearing Process: Councillor Hughes has provided the following notice of motion relative to the Public Hearing Process, “That the 2nd reading for Public Hearings is scheduled by Council to be 6 or more days after 1st reading.”

Employment Lands (C443-2015): Councillor MacKay has provided the following notice of motion, “That Administration examine changing zoning, engineering standards and servicing strategies to promote light industrial development in the area known as the Employment Lands and other relevant lands outlined in the MDP.”

Corporate Land Strategy: This matter is before Council because it was previously anticipated that the 2016 Corporate Land Strategy would be before Council in October of 2015. However, this report recommends that the 2016 Corporate Land Strategy be postponed to allow time for inclusion of several Q4 2015 Council decisions that have a significant impact to the Corporate Land Strategy and to facilitate a workshop with Council to receive direction on the long-term strategic focus of the Strategy.

2016 Budget Calendar Amendment: Administration was scheduled to release to Council the proposed Operating Budget and Plan on October 13, 2015. At the September 28, 2015 Council meeting, two motions were passed that have significant impact to the 2016 budget. Therefore, Administration is recommending that the 2016 Council Budget Calendar be amended to change the date related to the “Distribution of the Proposed Operating Budget and Plan, Council Budget and Information Guide to Council Members” from October 13, 2015 to October 19, 2015.

Public Hearing (5PM):

Bylaw 4/2014 – Erin Ridge North MDP Amendment: Administration has received the Capital Region Board’s (CRB) decision of approval relative to this MDP Amendment. A decision on the amendment to the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) was needed from the CRB before Council continued with their decision on the MDP amendment.

Council Motion:

Council Sponsorship Policy: “That Administration prepare for Council’s consideration by Q1 2016 a St. Albert Council Sponsorship Policy. This policy to be supported by specific Council procedures and an appropriate budget allocation. Funding for this allocation to be drawn from the 2016 Council contingency budget and that Section G.3 of the proposed City Council Remuneration Expense Reimbursement Policy be removed.”

Administrative Policy A-IS-07, St. Albert Transit – Use of Surveillance Technologies Amendments: Councillor MacKay has provided the following notice of motion: “That Administrative Policy A-IS-07 and other relevant policies be modified to restrict City video surveillance solely to dealing with law enforcement and customer complaints.”

Policing Committee: Councilor Russell has provided the following notice of motion: “That Council reinstate the Policing Committee.”

Whistle Cessation Bylaw: Councillor Brodhead has provided the following notice of motion: “That Administration prepare for Council’s consideration by Q2 2016 a Whistle Cessation Bylaw that would eliminate the need for mandatory sounding of train whistles within St. Albert once required crossing safety upgrades are complete.”

One final note: I am honoured to have been named to the Federation of Canadian Muncipalities’ Task Force on Syrian Refugee Resettlement. It is a complex issue and one that requires a coordinated response from all orders of government, community groups and individuals. I look forward to sharing information about how each of us can help in our own way. Have a great week everyone.


  1. Lethbridge is testing these – we need smaller buses, so many are empty most of the day except for the pre and post work hours. Such a waste having empty transit drive throughout town for a couple of people. At least go smaller. Vicnity Bus.

  2. Hi Don. Thanks for the link. I will pass it along to our Transit staff to see if this is something they have looked at.

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