Council Meeting: November 21, 2016

Council Meeting: November 21, 2016

In the midst of all of our Budget debate, we still carry on with our regular Council Meetings. Our Budget debate will begin on Thursday (details are here). As for Monday’s meeting, here’s what we will be discussing:

Annual Continuous Improvement Review Program Update: The report provides a brief update on the Continuous Improvement Review Program and the four corporate-level continuous improvement projects:

  • Procurement to Payment Process Review
  • Public Engagement – Phase 3
  • Service Levels Benchmarking
  • Customer Service Delivery

Here’s a link to the Progress Update as well as to the Recommendations related to the Customer Service Review.

Council Remuneration and Expense Reimbursement – Administration Report: This report provides Council with the outcome of, and recommendations based on, Administration’s review of the Council Remuneration and Expense Reimbursement – Final Report that was presented to Council on September 6, 2016. Here’s a link to the Administrative Review as well as to the original report.

Heritage Park Development Phasing Review: The purpose of this report is to obtain approval from Council to move funds identified for 2018 in the capital budget to 2017, to facilitate the completion of the deep and shallow servicing, grading and landscaping required to open the Cunningham and Hogan Houses. An additional request is also being made to expand the scope of Project Charter CULTR 009 to include the review and realignment of phasing of the Heritage Sites Functional Plan, utilizing funds already approved in CULTR 009 as part of the 2016 Capital Budget. Attached to the agenda reports is some Background Information on the Heritage Sites as well as an Overlay Map of the Site Plan.

Natural Areas Assessment and Management Plan: The purpose of the report is to share with Council the update to the City’s Natural Areas Assessment and the complementary Natural Area Conservation and Management Plan that was developed as a foundational document to assist Administration in devising appropriate strategies and activities to protect and preserve the City’s natural areas. Related attachments can be found at the following links:

Project Plan for 10 Year Municipal and Utility RMR and Growth Capital PlanThe purpose of the report is to provide Council with an overview of the work required to develop a long range financial plan that integrates long range financial strategies, policies and funding that align with the 10 year Municipal and Utility RMR and Growth Capital Plan.

Policy C-FS-20 – Off-Site Levy – Recovered Funds Utilization Policy: As directed by Standing Committee of the Whole, Administration received feedback from Committee members on this draft policy. The final policy, now in front of Council for approval, incorporates this feedback along with further Administrative recommendations. Here’s a link to the policy with the changes highlighted.

Youth Council Bylaw: The purpose of this report is to present a draft bylaw to form the St. Albert Youth Council and a budget to cover costs associated with a St. Albert Youth Council.

Public Hearing (5 p.m.): Bylaw 21/2016 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment, Schedule A, Erin Ridge North Stage 9The purpose of the report is to outline the proposed amendment to the Land Use Bylaw 9/2005 Schedule A to redistrict a portion of Erin Ridge North, which is located north of Neil Ross Road, from Low Density Residential (R1) to Public and Private Service (PS), and from Public Park (P) to Low Density Residential (R1) as shown in the Attachment titled Bylaw 21/2016. Additional information includes a Location Map and a diagram related to realignment.

Information Items: Administration has provided the Hogan Road Sidewalk Project Charter for information.

Council Motions:

Policing Committee: Councillor Hughes has provided the following motions relative to the proposed Policing Committee Bylaw: “That the Police Committee Guiding Principles is amended in Section 8, Committee membership, from 11 members to 9” and “That section 9 is removed from proposed Police Committee Guiding Principles” (limits on the number of members with a law enforcement background) and “That section 10 of the Police Committee Guiding Principles is amended to state “Committee role will only be related to RCMP matters and Municipal Enforcement/Community Peace Officers and will not include other Municipal policing units, including the 911 centre.”

Age Friendly Community Designation: Councillor Hughes has provided the following notice of motion: “That Administration report to council by Q1 of 2017, whether St. Albert’s current initiatives meet the requirements to qualify to apply for provincial age-friendly community designation, and list any missing requirements to qualify for this designation.”

Budget & Taxation Guiding Principles: Councillor Hughes has provided the following notice of motion: “That Council policy C-FW-05, Budget Guiding Principles, is amended to add a provision that with the exception of the initial staffing of new facilities, the number of new FTE (full time employee) funded requests is proportionate to the number of new residents in the previous year, measured and matched on a percentage basis between percentage of staffing FTE increases and percentage increase of residents.”

That’s it for Monday. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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