Council Meeting: November 2, 2015

Council Meeting: November 2, 2015

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween and that coming down from the sugar high isn’t causing too many problems! Here’s a look at what is on the proposed Agenda for Monday’s St. Albert City Council Meeting:

State of Policing Services: The purpose of this report is to provide Council with an update on Policing activities in 2014 and the general trend line on community safety matters. The report includes statistical information, Human Resources information and financial information.

Annual Report on State of Corporate Safety and Security: This report provides a brief update on the Facility Safety and Security program. Council approved Policy C-IS-05 and directed that Administration provide annual updates respecting the program. The report provides a progress update as of October 2015. It is not intended as a report on Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) initiatives but rather primarily focuses on pro-actively taking steps to mitigate human threats to the safety of patrons and staff in our facilities and on our property.

LRT Functional Alignment – Final Recommendations and Report: This report is the second phase of the LRT Functional Alignment Study to examine the extension of the City of Edmonton’s Metro LRT line from its current proposed terminus at the Campbell Road Transit Centre and Park and Ride into and through the City of St. Albert. The first phase of the study developed and qualitatively compared a number of potential corridor alternatives which ultimately resulted in the selection of the corridor along St. Albert Trail. This report examines LRT alignment alternatives, and provides the recommended alignment with attendant benefits and costs.

Final Standard Development Agreement Template: The purpose of this agenda item is to present the proposed new, updated form of the Standard Development Agreement template to Council. Two templates are being presented, one for use with developments not incorporating the offsetting of approved Off-Site Levy infrastructure projects, and a second template for use when offsetting is incorporated into the process for the construction of approved Off-Site Levy projects

CAO Performance Evaluation Schedule for 2016: Council is required to complete a performance evaluation for the CAO and this item simply lays out the schedule for the completion of the evaluation.

Safety Fencing at St. Albert Ball Diamonds: The scope of Capital Project: Safety Fencing Installation has changed and in order to proceed, Administration requires Council direction. The purpose of this project is to install fencing at all 26 City operated St. Albert ball diamonds to mitigate the safety risk presented to players and spectators being exposed to stray balls from the ball fields.

This project has provided an opportunity for Administration to assess each ball diamond for safety and examine fencing and player bench configurations that would decrease safety hazards and minimize maintenance. Through this assessment, it was determined that, in order to protect the benches and spectator sidelines, fencing alone would not address this issue and benches and other factors would need to be included.

Consequently, the financial costs for this project are higher than originally assumed, and a change of scope is required as the allocated budget of $96,200 is only adequate to provide installation of the safety fencing at 13 of the 26 ball diamonds in St. Albert.

Animal Bylaw / Off-Leash Areas Update: The purpose of this report is to provide Council with an update on the first year’s operation under the new Animal Bylaw and provide recommendations as to amendments to the bylaw based on the information and observation noted. Based on the feedback received, specifically with regards to the off-leash program, Administration is of the opinion that the off leash program is not working and as a result is suggesting a number of amendments to the Animal Bylaw. The recommendations include the following:

1. That the criteria in the Animal Bylaw for off-leash dog designations be amended so that it prohibits off-leash areas from having trails, playgrounds, sports fields and sport courts within them (other than enclosed outdoor rinks).

2. That the requirement for the City Manager to “endeavor to establish an offleash area within every neighborhood” be removed from the Bylaw.

3. That the provision in the Bylaw that requires the City Manager to establish a policy to accept applications for off-leash designation changes be removed.

4. That amendments be made to clarify the intent on the definitions of Tot Lot and Organized Sporting Activity.

5. That amendments be made to clarify the Dangerous Dog Determination appeal process as well as the times on which off-leash dogs are permitted in a Boarded outdoor rink.

The above changes, if approved in principle by Council, will result in 14 off-leash sites being removed. The remaining sites would include Gloucester, Red Willow Park – Braeside, 70 Boudreau Road, 71 Riel Drive, Lacombe Dog Park, Dodger Dog Park, and the outdoor boarded rinks. There are a number of additional changes that are outlined within the report.

Council Motions:

Receipt of Information Related to Video Surveillance: Councillor MacKay provided the following notice of motion: ““That the package I disseminated regarding Video Surveillance be received as information.” (This relates to the next item on the agenda.)

Administrative Policy A-IS-07, St. Albert Transit – Use of Surveillance Technologies Amendments: Councillor MacKay has provided the following notice of motion: “That Administrative Policy A-IS-07 and other relevant policies be modified to restrict City video surveillance solely to dealing with law enforcement and customer complaints.”

Policing Committee: Councillor Russell has provided the following notice of motion: “That Council establish a Policing Committee.”

Backyard Hens: Councillor Heron has provided the following notice of motion: “Whereas the City of Edmonton is wrapping up their pilot project on backyard hens. That Administration bring forward amendments to the Land Use Bylaw to allow for limited use of backyard hens in residential homes using the framework outlined in the Edmonton pilot project by the end of January 2016.”

Lawsuit Funding: Councillor MacKay has provided the following notice of motion: “That the agreement to fund the lawsuit between Patrick Draper, John Doe, ABC corporation, Gord Hennigar, Richard Stringham and Nolan Crouse be modified to limit the cities funding to a maximum of $20,000 from the current arrangement of unlimited funding. After this point each party involved will pay their own costs and damages, the city will no longer request any potential awards from the city manager and he will be free to collect whatever damages are awarded if there are any. Further to this the City should reaffirm its indemnity from any damages or costs that arise from this lawsuit. These risks were never agreed to by the city and should be the sole responsibility of the city manager and the respective parties to pay for.”

That’s it for Monday. Also, just a quick reminder that the Proposed 2016-2018 City Business Plan and Proposed 2016 Budget is now available here. A Budget Open House will be held on Wednesday, November 4th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Sir George Simpson Junior High School for residents to provide their feedback to Council. Of course, you can contact Council any time through the City website. Have a great week!

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