Council Meeting: May 16, 2016

Council Meeting: May 16, 2016

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend. Here’s a quick look at what’s on the proposed Agenda for Monday’s City Council meeting:

Community Services Advisory Board (CSAB) Priorities 2016/2017This report brings forward the suggested CSAB priorities as discussed by the Mayor, the Council representative to the CSAB and the CSAB Chairperson & Vice Chairperson on the key priorities for the CSAB for 2016/2017 year:

  1. Maintain the routine matters that the Board has been assigned.
  2. Undertake a review of the various City community grant programs to assess their relevance against the current related City Strategic plans.
  3. Undertake a review and provide recommendations to City Council as to the role of the CSAB on a go forward basis.

Energy & Water Conservation Audit Report: This report provides the results of the Energy and Water Audits conducted on 11 major civic facilities over 2015. Recommended Energy Conservation Measures are summarized with the aggregated costs and carbon reduction benefits. The carbon reduction potential of the measures is placed in the context of the City Council approved greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 20% below 2008 levels by 2020. The report also provides options for pursuing a solar photovoltaic program on City-owned facilities.

FCSS – Staffing RequirementThis report is being brought forward to seek authorization from Council to add an FTE to the Family & Community Support Services department in order to address the required resources to ensure the effective delivery of support services within the department. This will be funded through the recently announced provincial increase to FCSS funding.

FCSS – Crisis Fund: The purpose of this report is to seek Council approval for FCSS to utilize one-time funding to address four key areas that would otherwise not be addressed due to budget limitations or without having to increase net cost to department. This funding was provided after the 2016 budget was prepared and is not on-going funding at this time. The funding has been proposed to be utilized as follows:

  • Suicide and mental health support ($15,000)
  • Neighbourhood Network training and support ($5,000)
  • Asset Development marketing, promotion and education ($10,000)
  • Emergency/crisis/emerging trends support and resources ($117,027)

Everitt Park Development: The purpose of this item is to advise Council of a park development timing challenge that has been identified related to the development of Everitt Park adjacent to Lois E. Hole Elementary School and seek funding approval to advance the work in 2016. The recommendation in front of Council is that $275,000 be allocated from the City Wide Recreation Reserve Fund to the development of Everitt Park in 2016.

Joyal Park DevelopmentThe purpose of this item is to advise Council of a park development timing challenge that has been identified related to the development of Joyal Park adjacent to Joseph M Demko and Sister Alphonse Academy (the two new schools in Jensen Lakes). Administration requires a commitment from Council to enter into a legal partnership with the St. Albert Public Schools and Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools for the development of Joyal Park. Joyal Park development, excluding school property, is approximately 2.34 hectares and will include grading, landscaping, sportfield and trail construction.

The recommendation is that funding of $1.2 million be committed, for expenditure in 2017, for the development of the park parcel (Joyal Park), adjacent to Joseph M. Demko School and Sister Alphonse Academy, to be funded through City Wide Recreation Reserve and Capital Reserve Fund.

Bylaw 11/2016 – Property Tax Bylaw CorrectionOn May 2, 2016 the Property Tax Bylaw was presented to Council for approval. Following the meeting it was discovered that the Bylaw that was in the Council agenda package contained different numbers than the version referred to in the presentation to Council. Administration had made adjustments to the Bylaw subsequent to the agenda package being delivered but a new version of the Bylaw was not presented to Council at the meeting.

As Council is required to see the final version of the Bylaw prior to giving third reading, Administration is recommending that Council rescind third reading of the Bylaw, amend the bylaw by substituting the updated version, and then give third reading to Bylaw 11/2016, as amended.

Council Motions:

Voluntary Off-site LevyI have provided the following notice of motion: “That Administration bring a recommendation to Council by the end of Q3 2016 with respect to options for the establishment and collection of a voluntary off-site levy with the purpose of supporting the cost of community service infrastructure including, but not limited to, emergency response stations, recreation facilities, libraries, transit buses and police stations.”

Morinville Regional Recreation CentreMayor Crouse has provided the following notice of motion: “The City of St. Albert supports the Town of Morinville in conducting a ‘Needs Assessment’ for the construction of a Regional Recreation Centre to be located in Sturgeon County adjacent to the Town of Morinville and requests an opportunity to provide input into the ‘Needs Assessment’ as it relates to recreation facility demands within St. Albert.”

Encouraging Local ArtistsCouncillor Hughes has provided the following notice of motion: “That Administration bring for Council’s approval by Q1 of 2017, the selection procedures for a local emerging artists’ City Art collection and/or public art collection category, where 1-4 pieces of art from local emerging artists of all ages are selected annually for public display and added to the city art collection and that the successful artists are recognized with a honorarium of up to $600 each, and bring forward amendments to the public art policy C-CS-04, to add an emerging artists category that states the selection and standards for this category.”

Employment Lands: Councillor Russell has provided the following notice of motion: “That the City place the so called “Employment Lands” on the market with a well known commercial real estate company that will be required to provide the City with a market evaluation with their listing proposal.”

That’s all for this week. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

This week’s photo is a shot of a Red-Winged Blackbird taken along the John E. Poole Boardwalk at Big Lake earlier this week. 

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