Council Meeting: March 24, 2014

Council Meeting: March 24, 2014

Here’s a look at the Agenda for Monday’s Council Meeting. In addition to what is outlined below, we are also expecting presentations from the Arts & Heritage Foundation regarding their 10-Year Capital Plan as well as a presentation from Amacon regarding their plans for the redevelopment of Grandin Mall. (NOTE: If you’re interested in hearing more about Amacon’s plans, there will be a public Open House on Tuesday night at 6:30pm at Grandin Mall where Amacon will be sharing their plans and soliciting feedback).  

Governance & City Manager Policy ReviewFollowing the completion of a Municipal Governance Review in 2013, a review of the City’s Governance and Chief Administrative Officer policies was initiated as per Council’s direction. The intent of this review was to consolidate policies where possible, align the wording of policies to the City’s governance model, and assess opportunities for increased delegation to the City Manager in the spirit of greater organizational efficiency and effectiveness.  Administration is recommending that Council be given until May 26th to provide input on the proposed changes.

Council/Committee Governance StructurePassage of the recommended motions would initiate the recommendations of the Municipal Governance Review Committee to establish two standing Committees of Council, the Internal Services Policy Committee (ISPC) and the Community Services Policy Committee (CSPC), and repeal the bylaw that establishes the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF). With the proposed governance structure, it was envisioned that in a typical month, rather than holding three Council Meetings and one SCF meeting, there would be two Council Meetings and one meeting each of ISPC and CSPC.

The scope of the Community Services Policy Committee would be to direct Administration to prepare, for the Committee’s consideration, new or amended Council policies pertaining to the City’s economic development, protective services, recreation, arts and culture, planning and engineering, transit and infrastructure, and other community services.

The scope of the Internal Services Policy Committee would be to direct Administration to prepare, for the Committee’s consideration, new or amended Council policies on the City’s corporate strategic services, financial services, taxation and assessment services, information technology, human resources, environmental / sustainability services, insurance / risk management, and other corporate/ internal services.

6PM – Mountain Bike Skills Park LocationAdministration is recommending that 43R Riel Drive be approved as the location for the construction of a Mountain Bike Skills Park and that, pending the successful outcome of a natural area assessment of 43R Riel Drive, Administration be authorized to commence design and construction of the Bike Skills Park. It’s worth noting that the discussion here is about the potential location of a Bike Skills Park, not the funding, as that was approved by the previous Council.

Environmental Master Plan Update The Environmental Master Plan (EMP) is a long-term strategic plan that aligns with the Council Environmental Policy and identifies environmental goals, targets and initiatives for the next five years, which were developed with input from the community, the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) and the corporation. Administration is recommending: 1) That Members of Council provide any comments on the “Cultivate a Green Community, Environmental Master Plan 2014” document to Administration by April 23, 2014 and 2) That the document entitled “Cultivate a Green Community, Environmental  Master Plan 2014” as amended in consideration of feedback received from Members of Council between March 24 and April 23, 2014, be presented to Council by May 5, 2014 for approval.

Implications of Closure of Youth CentreThe purpose of this report is to provide Council with a summary of the impact the Youth Community Centre (YCC) closing in July of 2013 may have had on youth and community. The Summary Findings are:

  • It is difficult to determine the impact – too many assumptions and biases.
  • The YCC did provide drop-in and after school programming, for/to a vulnerable sector of youth community, unclear to volume of such.
  • There are many options for programming available in community – that may or may not meet the needs of the youth who attended the YCC.

Recommendations coming out of the Report include:

  • That a Council policy be developed that would identify overarching direction for youth programming that aligns with the Social Master Plan by April 30, 2015.
  • That FCSS work with the current youth-serving organizations, churches and community groups to address any programming gaps that may exist due to the closure of the Youth Community Centre.

Community Satisfaction and Opinion Survey PlanThe report outlines Administration’s proposed approach to facilitating the Community Satisfaction Survey and public consultation related to receiving public input into Council’s goals and priorities and the annual budget process. The proposed plan is expected to provide a more comprehensive approach that will address challenges and gaps in the current practice, while providing Council and Administration with more timely and better aligned strategic insight for current and future decision making. The proposed plan will also better align with 2014 Business Plan and Budget calendar to ensure public input is received prior and throughout the budget process.

2015 Budget CalendarA schedule for the approval of the 2015 Budget is being brought to Council for approval.

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