Council Meeting: March 20, 2017

Council Meeting: March 20, 2017

Well, I hope everyone has managed to adjust to Daylight Saving Time and that you’re finding time to enjoy some of this lovely spring weather. We have a fairly large Agenda (all links to background information can be found here) for tomorrow’s City Council Meeting. Here’s an overview of what we’ll be discussing:

Reserve Transfers & Final Year End: The purpose of this report is to finalize the 2016 Municipal Year End Surplus and Recommendations that were presented to Council on February 21, 2017. In addition, recommendations regarding other reserve transfers are being provided as part of this year end process. The following recommendations are being made for the surplus:

  • That $2,233,504 be transferred to the Stabilization Reserve to top it up to 2% of the annual operating budget;
  • That $2,000,000 be transferred to the Municipal Land and Facilities Reserve;
  • That $1,000,000 be allocated for Intermunicipal Initiative;
  • That $971,785 be allocated for AFRRCS Emergency Radio System;
  • That $120,000 be allocated for Ministerial Inspection;
  • That $30,000 be allocated for Enhanced Election Management Strategy;
  • That $25,000 be allocated for Canada Day; and
  • That the remaining balance of $469,679 be transferred to the Capital Funding Reserve.

Public Participation Policy: Council is being requested to approve City Council Policy C-CAO-20 Public Participation Policy which was amended based on Council Members’ input; and other related policies which were also updated to align with the new Public Participation Policy, with the exception of Council Policy C-PE-01 Public Consultation requirements for Planning and Development processes, which requires substantive changes that need to be coordinated with the Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw updates.

Capital Partnership Program: This report is before Council with a recommendation from the Capital Partnership Program Advisory Committee (CCPAC) that the detailed business case for the project entitled ”St. Albert Community Performing Arts Centre” not proceed any further as the Stage 2 submission was deemed incomplete.

Urban Forestry Management Plan: The purpose of this report is to provide the draft Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP), including recommendations on establishing Urban Tree Canopy Cover Targets, for Council review and feedback.

Public Works Site Management Policy Update: The purpose of this report is to provide Council with background on the proposed updated policy for the management of City contaminated sites. The updates to the policy are reflective of changes that have occurred since the policy was initially approved in 2014 and include:

  • Increased scope to include all City owned properties, not limited to just Public Works Sites;
  • Alignment with the proposed Corporate Land Management Strategy Policy;
  • Alignment with the new Public Sector Accounting Board standards related to liabilities associated with contaminated sites and landfills; and
  • Addresses the City’s role related to contaminated sites on private property and lands that become part of the City’s planning and development process.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with City of Edmonton and St. Albert Soccer Association: As requested by Council, Administration has collaborated with the City of Edmonton and the St. Albert Soccer Association (SASA) to present a Memorandum of Understanding for Council’s consideration to explore the feasibility of partnering on the development of a regional field house / Sportplex.

Public Consultation Plan – Resident Input into Council’s Strategic Direction: The report outlines Administration’s proposed approach to facilitating the public participation activities related to receiving public input into Council’s strategic direction and the annual business planning and budget process for the 2018-2020 cycle.

Bylaw 26/2016 – Youth Council Bylaw: The purpose of this report is to respond to motions proposed by Council Members at the November 28, 2016 reading of Bylaw 26/2016, a Bylaw to form the St. Albert Youth Council and to potentially complete second and third readings of the Bylaw.

Bylaw 21/2017 – 2016 Off-Site Levies Annual Report and Bylaw Amendment: The report summarizes the off-site levy rates updated for the 2017 construction season, and subsequent bylaw amendment to reflect the change in rates. Additionally, the required projects, which provide essential services for development and growth, have been updated to align with Council approved master planning documents and proposed changes to servicing schematics within developing neighbourhoods.

Bylaw 22/2017 – Amendment to Business License Bylaw 43/2000 Regarding Vehicle for Hire: This report is to outline the proposed amendment to Business Licensing Bylaw 43/2000. This amendment creates Schedule C – Vehicles for Hire which provide direction to companies wishing to operate as a Vehicle for Hire business in St. Albert.

Public Hearings (Scheduled for 5 p.m.)

Council Motion – Bylaw 12/2017 – Smoking Bylaw: Prior to debating the Smoking Bylaw, Council will debate the following motions from Councillor MacKay: “That section 3 (1) (c) be modified to add “or an area specifically reserved for smoking.” and “That section 3 (1) (d, e and f) be modified to add “while in use” for each section.”

Smoking Bylaw 12/2017: The purpose of this item is to present Bylaw 12/2017 for consideration of second and third reading.

Bylaw 10/2017 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment, Schedule A, Riverside Stage 16: The purpose of the report is to outline the proposed amendment to the Land Use Bylaw 9/2005, Schedule A to redistrict a parcel of land within the Riverside neighbourhood from Low Density Residential (R1) District to Low Density Residential (R2) District as shown on attachment entitled Location Map.

Land Exchange – Erin Ridge North: As per the Agenda Report: “Landrex Inc. is requesting a land exchange with the City of St. Albert. The land exchange would create a more uniform park, enable better lotting for the residential subdivision, and improved connectivity to the Municipal Reserve (MR) 200 parcel. There would be no loss of MR land, just a reconfiguration.” The proposed swap can be seen here.

Council Motions:

Hosting of Joint AUMA/AAMDC Board Meeting: Councillor Heron has provided the following notice of motion: “That St. Albert host the joint AUMA/ AAMDC board meeting on August 23 & 24, 2017 and that up to $2,000 from the Sustainability fund be used to support this meeting.”

Council will also be discussing a couple of items in camera as per the Agenda. It looks like we may be in for a long night! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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