Council Meeting: July 10, 2017

Council Meeting: July 10, 2017

Monday will be our last Council meeting before our summer break (we resume on August 21st). Here’s a look at what we will be discussing:

Deliberations of Motions for 10-Year Growth Capital Plan: At the June 19, 2017 Standing Committee of the Whole meeting, Council members were requested to submit any motions related to the 10-Year Grown Capital Plan. The following motions were received and are before Council for deliberation. Administrative Backgrounders have been attached for Council’s information:

Approval of 2018-2027 Growth Plan: The purpose of seeking approval for proposed amendments to the 10-Year Municipal Capital Growth Plan prior to the presentation of the 2018-2020 Business Plan and Budget is to give Administration an agreed upon starting point upon which to engage in a prioritization and funding recommendation process. Complete recommendations regarding the Capital budget will be made as part of the proposed budget being presented to Council Members in October 2017.

Report on Group Homes: The purpose of this Report is to respond to a Council Motion approved on December 5, 2016 directing Administration to provide a report regarding changing the group home category from discretionary to permitted prior to bringing the bylaw and policy amendments to Council. Here is a link to the report.

Library Space Alternative: Councillor’s Hughes motion from last week was postponed to this meeting: “That administration work with the library to present a project charter as an alternative to the library branch for the 2018 budget, which includes moving CPS out of their current main floor office space and repurposing it for a library expansion. The charter would include a plan for how the expansion space and current library space would be reorganized to optimize its use. The project charter would include the estimated renovation costs and any additional expected operating costs.

The charter would also include a medium and long term option plan to move the museum and/or other office space in St. Albert Place and repurpose that space for the library, with the capital and operating costs to renovate that space for a further library expansion.”

Library Space Solution Alternative Intensive Study: Councillor Russell has provided the following motion: “That the Library Space Solution Alternative project will include a requirement that Administration will develop a budget to cover the cost of an intensive study into all the factors involved in this project.”

Dismount Bike at Crosswalk: Councillor Russell’s motion from last week was postponed to this meeting: “That a bylaw be created or appropriate bylaw be amended to require a bike rider to dismount and walk their bike when encountering a crosswalk.”

Borrowing Bylaw 24/2017: Bylaw 24/2017 received first reading on April 3, 2017, and was amended on April 18, 2017 to reduce the maximum amount of the borrowing that would be authorized by the Bylaw.

As per the backgrounder, “On May 23, 2017 a petition from electors of the City was submitted requesting “the Council of the City St. Albert to hold a public vote on Borrowing Bylaw 24/2017 being a Borrowing Bylaw authorizing the borrowing of not more than Twenty One Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars ($21,900,000.00) to finance the Construction of the Branch Library”. Until it was determined whether the petition was sufficient, Council could not proceed with consideration of second and third readings of the Borrowing Bylaw.

On June 12, 2017, the Chief Legislative Officer reported to Council that the petition received on May 23, 2017 was not sufficient. As per section 226(3) of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), “If a petition is not sufficient, the council or the Minister is not required to take any notice of it.” Therefore, Council may now consider second and third readings of Bylaw 24/2017.”

Transit Bylaw Update: This report is to seek approval to repeal Transit Bylaw 34/87, and approve the new updated and modernized Bylaw. The current Bylaw is 30 years old and has become outdated. Though significant new language and formatting changes are proposed, along with new definitions and a more clearly defined penalty structure, the overall intent of the proposed Bylaw has not changed.

Tobacco Retail Licensing Bylaw 20/96: The report outlines amendments recommended to update the Tobacco Retail Licensing Bylaw to allow for license transferability and prorated fees.

Public Hearing (5PM) – Bylaw 30/2017 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment, Integrated Care Community (ICC) District, Portion of Area B: The purpose of this report is to outline the proposed redistricting of a portion of Area B within the Integrated Care Community (ICC) to General Commercial (C2), through the amendment of Schedule A of the Land Use Bylaw 9/2005.

Emergent FTE Request – Legislative Services: This report is presented to Council to request approval to add 1.0 FTE to the Legislative Services Department to address emergent needs and to approve 4 months funding for the position for 2017.

Council Motions:

Dynamyx Facility Needs Supplementary Report: This item comprises a number of related motions as follows:

  • Moved by Councillor Russell: That Administration’s review of the Dynamyx Facility Needs Report be received as information and that Administration explore a potential partnership with Dynamyx Gymnastics through the Infrastructure Development process, and Administration return to Council with a scope of what the partnership means.
  • Moved by Councillor MacKay: That Administration return to Council by Q3 of 2017 with a report with an examination of Gymnastics funding models so Council can decide if we fund Gymnastics and to what scope.
  • Moved by Councillor Heron: That Administration arrange a meeting with Dynamyx Gymnastics, Active Communities, St. Albert Soccer Association, and the City of Edmonton to explore a multipurpose privately-owned recreation facility and come back with whatever process administration recommends, whether it be an MOU, Terms of Reference, letter of support, etc. to advance this concept.

As per the backgrounder: “Recently, City Council has received presentations from several organizations for facility development including: Dynamyx Club for gymnastic space, St. Albert Soccer Association for a new indoor and outdoor field space, andActive Communities Alberta for a twin arena complex. In addition, Administration has also been requested past and present to review different scenarios for an expansion of library services in the community. With so many requests coming from organizations for new facilities and several new facility projects identified in the 10-year capital plan that encompass recreation, sport, cultural, learning and the social profit sector, as well, subject to Council direction, potentially Administration spaces. Administration is recommending a wholistic approach looking at all projects to find synergies and operational alignments.

Based on the above, Administration is recommending the following motion: “That Administration will provide a report to Council by Q3 2018 recommending a growth plan for facility development including funding strategies, operating models and land requirements.”

That’s all until August. Have a great summer everyone!


  1. Why is there no move to look at the space in City Hall occupied by the Visual Arts/Potters group. This is prime real estate and might well be adopted to expand the library in it’s current location. These special interest groups shouldn’t have a lock on space in City Hall when there could be viable alternatives. Counselor Russell tried to get this as a motion a while ago but backed off. Time for someone to show some leadership on this issue.

  2. Irony :

    “Patrick Draper’s comments in the Saturday, Sept. 12 Gazette that the community branch library project will “likely be identified as low priority by the city’s new facility matrix model.”

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