Council Meeting: February 17, 2015

Council Meeting: February 17, 2015

Here’s my weekly look at the proposed agenda for the coming week’s City Council meeting.

Youth Entrepreneur Program – Gen Y CEOAdministration will be providing Council with an update on the Gen Y CEO Program for 2014. The Gen Y CEO Youth Entrepreneur Program was developed to encourage youth to think entrepreneurially, to help them develop business skills and assist with the growth of tourism in St. Albert. The 2014 project was Street Scoops, a pop-up ice cream vendor that operated in the summer of 2014.

Foreign Market Development and Smart City Best Practice OutreachAdministration is requesting financial support to send a delegation to the 2015 Smart City Expo and Global Congress. The intent would be to focus on foreign direct investment attraction, inter-region trade expansion, relationship building and “smart city” best practice tours and site visits. The total cost would be approximately $37,000.

Noise Attenuation Policy/Engineering Standards Amendments for Residential Neighbourhoods: This report is intended to provide Council with an understanding of the current standards in place with respect to continuous noise attenuation generated from traffic and/or railway lines for both new and existing residential development. The recommendation is that Council direct Administration to update the Council approved engineering design principles to include 65dBA as the maximum continuous traffic and railway noise level threshold for new developments. This is in line with what most surrounding communities use as their standard.

Technical Study for the Long-Term Provision of New SchoolsThe purpose of this report is to return to Council following the 60-day referral period, and present the revised Technical Study for the Long-Term Provision of New Schools and Action Plan on the location of new schools. The goal of the Technical Study for the Long-Term Provision of New Schools and Action Plan is to develop a long-term framework for coordinated planning and development of school sites within the City of St. Albert. The study is intended to provide an over-arching framework and city-wide action plan to guide the future development of school sites within the City of St. Albert over the next 10-20 years.

School Site Allocation Agreement – UpdateThe purpose of this report is to provide an overview and review of the School Site recommendation process within the City of St. Albert, as well as the School Site Allocation Agreement between the City of St. Albert, Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools, Greater North Central Francophone Educational Region No. 2, and St. Albert Public Schools. The proposed changes retain School Site Allocation Authority with the School Site Allocation Committee. Approval of school/park sites by Council would remain at the Area Structure Plan level.

2015 Mobile Equipment Purchase (Sole Source)As per City Council Policy C-CAO-01 (City Manager Delegations), and Administrative Policy A-PUR-01 (Purchasing, Single/Sole Source), Council authorization is needed for sole source purchases in an amount greater than $100,000. In 2015, an Advanced Contract Award Notice for the purchase of four 72” Front Deck Riding Mowers that come with Brooms was posted publicly on the Alberta Purchasing Connection. Currently, John Deere is the only machine that has successfully demonstrated its suitability for City operations resulting in this sole source recommendation.

Bylaw 16/2015 – Council Remuneration Review CommitteeIn reviewing the current bylaw and in accordance with Council’s previous direction on November 24, 2015, some amendments to the Council Remuneration Review Committee Bylaw are being recommended by Administration for Council’s approval. The main change with the bylaw is that the Review Committee would meet every four years, rather than once every eight years.

Public Hearing (5PM): Carrot Creek Designated Flood LineThis bylaw amendment proposes updates to the Land Use Bylaw to reflect the new designated flood line for Carrot Creek. With development interest growing on the western edge of the City, it is necessary to add a designated flood line for Carrot Creek. This will ensure that development in this area adheres to proper flood plain management principles.

Council Motions:

Funding of Energy & Water Conservation Audit (Project CSS-003) From 2014 SurplusCouncillor Heron has provided the following notice of motion: “That 2015 Capital Project CSS-003 Energy and Water Conservation Audit be funded from any realized surplus in the 2014 budget.”

Legacy Proposal: Mayor Crouse has provided the following notice of motion:

“The City allocates $100,000 from the 2014 year end operating and/or capital surplus, as the City’s initial contribution, in anticipation of a permanent public memorial, possible endowment or other possible legacy plans that will honour fallen RCMP Constable David Wynn and funded with the support of possible assistance from other orders of government and the community.”

“The City Manager proposes to City Council by September 30, 2015 a process (including family and public involvement) as to how a permanent public memorial, possible endowment or other possible legacies, in honour of fallen RCMP Constable David Wynn may occur.”

“Given the possibility of financial donations being offered/provided toward a Constable Wynn legacy initiative, the Mayor be authorized to work with the Community Foundation to establish a temporary funding mechanism in this regard until a more permanent plan is established.”

Formation of a St. Albert/Edmonton Inter-Municipal Affairs CommitteeCouncillor Prefontaine has provided the following notice of motion: “That the Mayor be requested to propose a meeting with: two St. Albert Councillors, the St. Albert City Manager, the Mayor of the City of Edmonton, two Edmonton Councillors and the Edmonton City Manager regarding the following: A St. Albert – Edmonton Inter-Municipal Affairs Committee be formed, including the necessary bylaw, by December 2015.”

Council will also be discussing the City Manager’s Performance goals in camera. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about anything on the agenda. Have a great week everyone!

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