Council Meeting: April 7, 2015

Council Meeting: April 7, 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and Spring Break. Our next Council meeting takes place on Tuesday, April 7th at 2PM. Here’s a look at what is on the proposed agenda:

Availability of Low-fee or No-fee Recreational Activities: The purpose of this report is to address City Council’s 2014 priority, “Ensure the availability of low-fee and no-fee recreational activities”. This is a priority that I brought forward as I believe that it is important that everyone in the community can access recreational activities, regardless of their income. The report includes a recommendation for the development of a “No Fee, Low Fee Opportunities” brochure as well as a Subsidy Program Policy for Council’s consideration.

Sole Source Contract – Water Conservation UnitAs part of the 2015 Capital Budget, Council approved the purchase of this Draft Commander 3000 A/T Mobile Fire Pump Testing and Training Unit. A vendor request was posted on Alberta Purchasing Connection indicating the intent to purchase this equipment as sole source. No other vendor has a product, designed or manufactured, such as this device. This sole source contract exceeds the $100,000 threshold, as outlined in Administrative Policy A-PUR-01, Purchasing, and therefore requires City Council’s approval.

Founders Walk Phase 2 and the Healing Garden Project UpdateThe purpose of this report is to provide an update for Council on the Founders Walk Phase 2 project and seek approval for an adjustment to the project scope to include a proposed Healing Garden Project.

St. Albert was the location of two Indian Residential Schools, one Roman Catholic and one Protestant. Indian Residential Schools have had an ongoing impact on our indigenous community. The proposed garden is intended to be a place of reconciliation and reflection for all members of the community, to uphold the memory of former students. It is anticipated to be a place of healing with plantings of traditional medicinal fruits – blueberries, raspberries, saskatoon berries and chokecherries.

There’s some good background on this project in an article that appeared on the CBC website last fall.

Liability for Contaminated Sites – Request for Additional FundingAdministration is requesting further funding of $240,000 for the refinement of preliminary liability estimates recently provided for four City-owned properties. The funding will also advance the development of risk management plans that align with Provincial regulatory guidelines. The work should be completed prior to the 2015 financial audit to minimize the environmental liabilities that will be reflected in the City’s financial statements.

Council Expense Audit and Process ReviewThe purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the Council Expense Audit and Process Review that was requested by Council and conducted by Administration. A review of each Council member’s expenses during the current term as well as three years worth of expenses for the Mayor (to include his time as Chair of the Capital Region Board) were included. Administration has flagged several issues relating to individual claims and has identified situations where policy is unclear and changes to processes could be made to ensure accountability.

Public Hearing (5PM): King of Kings Lutheran Church Property: Council will resume debate on the proposed bylaw amendments related to the King of Kings Lutheran Church Property. In addition to the proposed IDP and MDP amendments, there is also a motion from Mayor Crouse calling for a greater area of the proposal to be kept as commercial lands rather than residential.

Council Motions:

Chamber Building ProposalMayor Crouse has provided the following notice of motion that was postponed from a previous meeting: ““That the City Manager review the “Building in the Perron District” proposal provided to Council by the Chamber of Commerce on February 23, 2015 and provide for Council’s consideration a recommended response to the Chamber by September 30, 2015, taking into account matters such as parking, DARP, and civic space demands and The Mayor formally request from the Chamber of Commerce any proposed financial modeling that they are prepared to share with Council and/or the City Manager relative to the “Building in the Perron District” proposal which the Chamber provided to Council on February 23, 2015.”

Sustainable BuildingsCouncillor Prefontaine has provided the following notice of motion: “Whereas the City of St. Albert is committed to environmental, economic and social stewardship of City-owned buildings and facilities and continues to demonstrate environmental leadership in the community; Whereas buildings within the City of St. Albert account for approximately 55% our city’s Green House Gas emissions, nearly 50% more than emissions created by all types of vehicles on the road; That the City Manager propose a Sustainable Building Development Policy that ensures that City-owned new facilities and major renovations are designed and constructed to an environmentally sustainable standard that enhances the indoor and outdoor environments, reduces the impact on natural resources and provides long-term economic savings which benefits all City of St. Albert residents, now and in the future.”

Policy on Movement of Goods and Services: Councillor Prefontaine has provided the following notice of motion:

“Whereas the City of St. Albert is committed to establishing a long-term vision for current and future modes of transportation of people and goods, while maintaining a healthy, natural environment that promotes safety, active resident lifestyles and encourages a dramatic shift towards multi-modal transportation;

Whereas the City of St. Albert is committed to ensuring the safe transportation of residents of all ages to their destination, whether home, work, school or recreation;

Whereas the City of St. Albert is committed to public transit services designed to provide optimal, affordable service for travel within St. Albert and to key destinations in Edmonton;

Whereas the City of St. Albert is committed to providing appropriate infrastructure for cyclists supporting year-round cycling and encouraging people to choose cycling as a safe, healthy and efficient alternative to driving;

Whereas the City of St. Albert is committed to developing a built environment friendly to presence of people walking throughout the community in a manner that is safe, accessible, convenient and efficient;

That the City Manager propose a Policy for the Movement of People & Goods that ensures that the City of St. Albert has efficient, safe multi-modal transportation systems that effectively balance and integrate roads with freight, transit, bicycles and pedestrians and supports a more liveable and resilient St. Albert.”

Council Policy C-CC-03, City Council Remuneration & Expense Reimbursement AmendmentCouncillor Hughes has provided the following notice of motion that would specify the timing of the Council Remuneration Review Committee meeting to the third year of a Council term: ““That City Council Policy C-CC-03, City Council Remuneration and Expense Reimbursement be amended by inserting the words “in the third year of every” after “This policy shall be reviewed” in Section 16.”

Motion C152-2015 – Remuneration Review Committee Recruitment Process & TimelineI had previously brought forward the following motion which was postponed as a result of Councillor Hughes’ previous motion: “That Administration initiate the recruitment process for members of the Remuneration Review Committee; and That the Committee develop a work plan and timeline to be approved by Council after the Committee’s first meeting.”

Funding for Public Consultation – Water Conservation BylawCouncillor MacKay has provided the following notice of motion (which was the originally recommended motion when the Water Conservation Bylaw came forward to Council, however no member of Council wished to bring it forward at that time): “That $30,000 be allocated from the Stabilization Reserve for Phase 1 public engagement activities related to proposed Bylaw 22/2015, Water Conservation Bylaw.”

Council will also discuss a land matter in camera. As always, don’t hesitate to share your questions or comments on any of the items in the proposed agenda.


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