Council Meeting: April 7, 2014

Council Meeting: April 7, 2014

After a week without a meeting, we’re back at it again tomorrow. Here’s a look at the highlights of the proposed Agenda:

Community Reporting App: The City of St. Albert has been developing a mobile application to allow residents easy access to report minor issues to City departments. Using a mobile device or home computer, residents will be able to quickly access and report a multitude of issues, from graffiti and potholes to burned out street lights and broken sidewalks. Rather than having to figure out which department to call, you’ll be able to simply use the app and it will then be directly accordingly. There will be a tracking feature in the app which will allow you to see what action has been taken as a result of the report.  You can find the app, SeeClickFix (which, when you allow it to access your location will take you to the St. Albert “Spruce it Up” version) on the App Store. (I’m not sure yet what other platforms it will be available for.)

Public Engagement Continuous Improvement Committee Final Report and Recommendations: The purpose of this report is to present the Continuous Improvement Public Engagement Final Report and Recommendations to Council. In 2014, the City is expecting to be engaged in over 60 different public engagement projects. The goal of this project was to develop coordinated approaches, techniques and processes for public engagement and consultation to support and inform decision-making with insights and feedback, with recommendations for appropriate policies, guidelines and/or tools for implementation.

Radius Notification & Public Notification Policy Revisions: Administration has provided suggestions on the appropriate minimum radius notification area for Site Specific Projects. They are as follows:

  • Small Construction Projects (side walk replacements, boulevard trees, etc.): 15-60m radial or linear distance of site
  • Statutory Plans (e.g. Area Structure Plans, Land Use Bylaw): 100m radius or linear distance of site
  • Medium and Large Construction Projects, Notice of Open House: 400m

Amendment to St. Albert/Sturgeon County Intermunicipal Affairs Committee Bylaw: This bylaw amendment will allow for Intermunicipal Task Forces to be created with members from St. Albert and Sturgeon County Council. I think this is another representation of the strong working relationship this Council has developed with our counterparts from Sturgeon County.

Council Motions & Presentations

Space Needs Project Charter: Mayor Crouse will be making a verbal presentation on a Space Needs Project Charter. There is no link or background on this item as it is a verbal presentation.

Independent Legal Opinion – School Site Allocation Committee AgreementCouncillor MacKay has provided notice of motion “That the City of St. Albert solicits an independent legal opinion on the scope and authority of the School Site Committee Agreement currently in place.” Previously, a legal opinion has been provided by the City Solicitor. If approved, this motion would mean paying for an additional review.

Arts & Heritage Foundation Capital PlanI am bringing forward the following motion, “That the AHF 2014-2023 Capital Plan be referred to Administration for consideration in the development of the 2015 Budget Process.” At the March 24th Council Meeting, the Arts & Heritage Foundation presented their 10-Year Capital Plan, as part of their Partnership Agreement with the City of St. Albert. This motion would bring their plan into consideration for the 2015 Budget Process.

Gloucester ParkCouncillor Prefontaine has moved “That no further consideration be given for providing a mountain bike skills park in Gloucester Park.” At our last meeting, Council approved, pending a successful Natural Areas Assessment, that Riel Park be chosen as the location for the Bike Skills Park. This motion was requested by a resident to provide an assurance that, regardless of the outcome for Riel Park, Gloucester Park will no longer be considered for the Bike Skills Park.

Bike Skills Park – Residential Neighborhoods: Councillor MacKay has provided notice of motion “That all residential areas be precluded from future bike park development.” Again, this is follow up from our previous decision on the Bike Skills Park.

Medical Marijuana Operations – Land Use BylawMayor Crouse has provided notice of motion that “Administration provide a briefing to Council by August 31, 2014 with respect to the St. Albert Land Use Bylaw (limitations, ambiguity, considerations, provisions or non-provisions etc.) for the medical marijuana operations.” As it stands right now, a Medical Marijuana Production Facility (MMPF) would be permitted under our existing Land Use Bylaw.  If you’re interested in reading the background on this motion, you’ll see that Administration has laid out 3 options: 1) Permit MMPF, 2) Do not permit MMPF (this would require a change in the Land Use Bylaw), 3) Permit MMPF with additional regulations. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the spelling of “Marihuana” in the backgrounder (I know I was), you’ll want to read this article.

If you’ve taken the time to read this far, please feel free to take another minute or two to share your thoughts on any of the items on the Agenda!


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