Council Meeting: April 3, 2017

Council Meeting: April 3, 2017

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the arrival of Spring! Monday brings another busy Council Meeting. Here’s a look at what is on the proposed Agenda for tomorrow’s meeting.

Standing Committee of the Whole Recommendation: Sustainable Building Policy:  The recommendation here is “That City Council Policy C-P&E-12 Sustainable Buildings, provided as an attachment to the March 13, 2017 Agenda Report entitled “Sustainable Buildings Policy” be approved, excluding the recommendation to hire staff as noted on Page 15.”

Standing Committee of the Whole Recommendation: Long Range Financial Capital Plan – High Level Work Plan: The recommendation from Standing Committee of the Whole is “That Council approve $300,000 from the Stabilization Reserve for the implementation of the high- level work plan to support the development of a Long-Range Capital Financial Plan, as outlined in the March 13, 2017 Standing Committee of Whole Agenda Report entitled “Long Range Financial Capital Plan – High Level Workplan”, with the exception of the 10 Year Demographic Forecast.”

Annual Social Master Plan Report: The purpose of this report is to provide Council an update on the highlights and progress of the Social Master Plan in 2016. You can find the complete report here.

Economic Prosperity Policy & Strategic Framework: Administration presented a draft economic development policy and strategic framework to Council on December 12, 2016. Council was requested to provide feedback to administration for consideration by December 21, 2016. Feedback was received and incorporated into the policy and into the framework where appropriate. The proposed policy is now back in front of Council with a recommendation for approval.

Motions from March 13, 2017 Special Council Meeting: To pass motions related to the Branch Library and an Emergency Radio System that were discussed at the March 13 Standing Committee of the Whole (SCW) meeting and voted on at the March 13, 2017 Special Council Meeting.

Cancellation of April 10, 2017 Special Council Meeting: At the 2016 Organizational Meeting the Council Calendar was approved including a Council meeting on April 10, 2017 immediately following the SCW meeting. This meeting was planned to provide Council with an opportunity to approve the auditor’s report which was originally planned to be presented at the April 10, 2017 SCW Meeting. As the auditor’s report is no longer scheduled for the April 10, 2017 SCW Meeting, and there are no other agenda items scheduled for that Council Meeting, this meeting is not required and Administration recommends that Council cancel the meeting.

Bylaw 15/2017 – To Repeal Tobacco Retail Licensing Bylaw 20/96: This report is to seek approval to repeal Tobacco Retail Licensing Bylaw 20/96 (the “Bylaw”). The Bylaw is outdated and redundant as tobacco retailers are regulated federally and provincially.

Bylaw 25/2017 – Business License Bylaw: This report is to request direction from Council to amend Business License Bylaw 43/2000. Bylaws are required to be reviewed regularly to ensure relevancy. Administration is recommending a few minor changes to clarify some of the terminology within the bylaw. Administration is also adding clarity to the status of Farmers’ Market vendors and vendors who are part of a special event and recommending an additional prorated fee. The amendments are highlighted here.

Bylaw 6/2017 – Emergency Response Bylaw – 2nd & 3rd Reading: This item presents the new Emergency Management Bylaw, as amended in accordance with Council feedback, to Council for further consideration. A redlined version can be found here.

Bylaw 24/2017 – Borrowing Bylaw for Branch Library – 1st Reading: During the 2017-2019 budget deliberations, Council approved the advancement of a new Branch Library and approved funding through debt financing. The cost of the project is currently estimated at approximately $20 million dollars (including the cost of land) based at a conceptual design level. The intent is to fund this project through a 20 year debenture with the Alberta Capital Finance Authority (ACFA).

Public Hearings (scheduled for 5 p.m.)

We will be discussing the Digital Signs Bylaw. Prior to doing so, there are a couple of Council Motions that will be debated:

Council Motion – Bylaw 18/2016 – Digital Signs Display Proposed Amendments: Councillor Heron has provided the following notice of motion: “That Bylaw 18/2016 be amended by:

Amending section C.5 (1) General regulations (v) to a minimum of 30m from an intersection.

Amending section C.5 (1) General Regulations (xiii) to a minimum of six (6) seconds before switching copy.

Amending section C.5 (2) Billboards with a Digital Display (v) to a minimum distance of 150m from another billboard

Delete section C.2 Applicability (3) – which reads “Notwithstanding subsection (1), this schedule does not apply to municipal signs or signs that are posted, placed or erected in accordance with a contractual arrangement between the City and another party”

Amend section C.5 General Regulations (1)(a) (i) by adding the following Land Use Districts Regional Commercial (RC), Business Park (BP), Business Park Transition (BPT)

The above Districts also added to Section 2. Billboards with Digital Displays, Section 3. Fascia Sign with a Digital Display, and Section 4 Freestanding Sign with Digital Display

Remove the first sentence of Section C.5(4) (g) which reads – In all districts where portable signs are permitted, a freestanding sign employing a digital display shall take the place of all portable signs allowed on site, and replace with the phrase – On sites with both freestanding signs and traditional portable signs are both on site each freestanding sign ….. continue on as it currently reads”

Council Motion – Bylaw 18/2016 – Digital Display Signs Proposed Amendments: Councillor MacKay has provided the following notice of motion: ”

That the 500m setback in Schedule C.5(2)(b) be amended to 300m in the Land Use Bylaw when it is next reviewed.

Delete “In all districts where portable signs are permitted, a freestanding sign employing a digital display shall take the place of all portable signs allowed on a site” from Schedule C.5(4)(g) in the Land Use Bylaw in any potential change.

That schedule c.5. 1(a) (vii) be modified by removing or a freestanding sign with a digital display and any other reference that precludes third party advertising on free standing digital displays.

That schedule c.5 2(b) (iii) be modified by adding “facing the same ongoing traffic” after display;

That schedule c.5 2 (b) be modified by changing 500m to 300m.”

Bylaw 18/2016 – Digital Display Signs: This report is before Council to give Bylaw 18/2016 second and third readings. The bylaw can be found here.

Bylaw 8/2017 – Proposed MDP Amendments Regarding School Site Allocation: To bring forward options for Municipal Development Plan (MDP) amendments related to school sites for Council’s consideration. The amendments propose changes focused on the following:

  • Promote the building of multi-storey schools where possible to maximize the use of limited amounts of reserve land;
  • Ensure schools and accompanying park sites are dedicated early on in the residential build-out of new Area Structure Plans so the sites are available to meet the needs of local students, and the accompanying park is available to residents;
  • Align the language in the MDP to that of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) with regards to taking extra municipal reserve (>10%) in higher density areas.

Additional MDP amendments will be required to align with the new Capital Region Board (CRB) Growth Plan and the Modernized Municipal Government Act. Those changes are not included in this report, as further analysis of those implications is required.

Bylaw 10/2017 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment, Schedule A, Riverside Stage 16: To consider second and third reading of Bylaw 10/2017. This bylaw, if passed, would redistrict a parcel of land within the Riverside neighbourhood from Low Density Residential (R1) District to Low Density Residential (R2) District as shown on attachment entitled Location Map.

Information Item – Fountain Park Pool Peninsula Removal: Council approved a review of the feasibility of removing the peninsula at Fountain Park to create additional space for activities such as swimming lessons. As per the report, “Based on the consultant’s findings, it is technically feasible to remove the FPRC Leisure Pool Peninsula; however, the changes to the infrastructure, total cost, and the preemption to the facility operation have significant impacts for the perceived benefits that may be realized.”

Council Motions:

Eldorado Park Soccer Field: Councillor Russell has provided the following notice of motion: “That Administration review the attached photo and comments from local residents that met over past two days and consider a revised use of the park site that would dedicate the smallest soccer field to local neighbourhood use as well as consider the other suggestions offered.” A map with options has been provided for reference here.

Withdrawal from Metro Mayors Alliance: Councillor Heron has provided the following notice of motion: “That the City of St. Albert write a letter to the Metro Mayor’s Alliance (MMA) informing them of our withdrawal from the MMA in order to fully focus on and support the new Growth Management Board (CRB).”

That’s all for this week. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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