Council Meeting: April 28, 2014

Council Meeting: April 28, 2014

Here’s a look at the proposed Agenda for the City Council meeting scheduled for Monday, April 28, 2014th. Highlights include a report on the 2013 Municipal Election, recommendations from the Community Services Advisory Board and a Public Hearing regarding proposed changes to the development of Erin Ridge North.

Community Services Advisory Board: A number of recommendations are being brought forward from the Community Services Advisory Board including Community Capital Program Grants, Recurring Community Event Grants and a Statement of Priorities for 2014.

Budget AdjustmentsAs a result of a number of motions passed over the past few months by Council, $651,550 of the 2014 Municipal Growth Revenue is proposed to be transferred to the Growth Stabilization Reserve and the 2014 Final Tax Requirement of $84,979,045 is proposed for approval. Assuming that these recommendations are approved, the tax increase for 2014 would be 1.18%. 

2013 Election Final Report: The Election Office has prepared a comprehensive report on the 2013 Municipal Election and has subsequently made recommendations concerning future elections including:

  • Increase the number of voting stations on Election Day.
  • Increase the number of Advanced Voting opportunities for voters.
  • Advocate with the Province to expand the time frame between Nomination Day and Election Day in order to provide more time for voters to utilize special ballots and provide more time for the Election Office to promote this option to voters.
  • Continue to advocate with the Province to bring forward legislative changes to allow Internet voting as another voting alternative.

The cost of accepting the proposed recommendations would be $260,000 for the next election.

Municipal Election Transparency BylawMayor Crouse has provided the following notice of motion: “That Administration investigate and report to Council in Q2 2015, the legality/feasibility of a Municipal Election Transparency Bylaw which could potentially include disclosure of 3rd Party election related donations and could potentially include disclosure of election related expenses.”

5PM: Public Hearings

Bylaw 3/2014: Redistricting: – 54304 Range Road 253

rezoneAn application has been made to rezone a portion of land north of Erin Ridge North from Urban Reserve (UR) to Direct Control (DC) with the stated purpose of adding a second
dwelling. Some background from the Agenda Report:

“The purpose of the DC District is to provide for a specialized approach to development on a particular site that does not fit with approved land use districts, but still meets the requirements of the statutory planning in place, good planning principles and the intent for the community’s development. This type of District is used sparingly in St. Albert and given due consideration first to ensure it is in the best interests of the community’s overall growth and development.”

At this time, Administration is not recommending approval of the application as it is not in compliance with the Intermunicipal Development Plan, the Municipal Development Plan, the Land Use Bylaw, the City’s Sanitary Sewer and Water Bylaws and there is no Area Structure Plan in place.

Erin Ridge North (Area Structure Plan, Municipal Development Plan, Land Use Bylaw Amendments and Road Closures)A series of bylaw amendments are being brought forward with respect to the proposed future development of Erin Ridge North. For a detailed look at what is proposed, I would encourage you to click on the link to the Agenda Report for this item. Several of the proposed changes will require a referral to the Capital Region Board (CRB) for approval so the recommendation for tomorrow’s meeting on several of the changes is to complete a first reading (a bylaw requires three successful readings to pass) and then referral to the CRB.  The bylaws would then come back to Council for second and third readings sometime in about two months.


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