Council Meeting: April 25, 2016

Council Meeting: April 25, 2016

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend. Here’s a look at the proposed Agenda for Monday’s City Council Meeting: 

Standing Committee of the Whole Recommendation: Sturgeon Foundation ResolutionAt our previous Standing Committee of the Whole meeting, Councillor Brodhead brought forward information and a proposed motion related to the dissolution of Sturgeon Foundation and potential establishment of a new Homeland Housing entity.

Standing Committee of the Whole Recommendation: Environmental Liability Management – Request for Additional Funding: Administration is recommending that $225,000 be allocated from the Stabilization Reserve to fund further environmental assessments and develop management plans for properties identified in the Confidential Agenda Report of April 11, 2016 entitled “Land Matter.” Additionally, there is a recommendation that Administration be directed to review Policy C-IS-06 Public Works Sites Management and provide recommendations for updates, if any, to City Council in Q4 2016.

Economic Development Annual Report: The purpose of the report is to provide Council a report highlighting the activities and progress of the Economic Development in 2015.

Community Festival Fund Recommendations: This report is recommending funding for three specific events that have applied and qualified for the Community Festival Fund: Seven Music Fest, Night of Artists and eek! Fest.

Council Policy C-CS-18 – Recreation & Culture Subsidy Program: The purpose of this report is for Council to establish Governance direction for the Recreation/Culture Subsidy Program. Council received a draft of the Subsidy Program Policy on January 25, 2016 and has provided feedback to Administration. A final version is being brought to Council for consideration of approval or further direction.

Alignment of Downtown Capital Projects: This report is to present to Council background information related to current and planned construction activity in the downtown area and a recommendation to take actions to minimize traffic disruption, eliminate lost costs associated with construction activity from various separate projects, and maximize efficiency of these projects that result in early completion of improved downtown operations. If approved, one of the main impacts of the recommendation would be that the return to parallel parking on Perron Street would be delayed until 2017 while adding 37 new parallel parking spaces along St. Anne Street in 2016.

Branch Library Capital Project Memorandum of Understanding: This report is before Council to advise Council of the identified roles and responsibilities of all personnel connected to the Capital Project Charter 0A-005, Community Branch Library, including Council’s roles to make final decisions regarding the future stages of this project.

School Site Allocation Agreement Amendment: Council directed Administration to propose an amendment to the School Site Allocation Agreement with the St. Albert Public School District, the Greater St. Albert Roman Catholic School District and the Regional Authority of the Greater North Central Francophone Education Region that would require final Council approval for the allocation of approved school sites to a specific school board.

Administration drafted the proposed amendment and circulated the document to the school boards for their consideration. The proposal was reviewed by each Board of Trustees and all three boards were not supportive of the amendment.

Corporate Land Strategy: This Agenda Report is before Council at this time to inform Council members of the planned initiatives in place to implement the 2016-2035 Corporate Land Strategy and also the communication process established to ensure that Council is provided with regular updates about the status of each land initiative. As well, this Agenda Report recommends that Council convene in camera to provide direction to Administration regarding three confidential land matters.

Bylaw 12/2016 – Borrowing Bylaw Phase 3 North Interceptor (Project 9): After a series of presentations, discussions and consideration of funding options surrounding the Phase 3 North Interceptor (Project 9) over the last several years, Council has directed administration to commence detailed design work and bring forth a Borrowing Bylaw to allow this project to proceed. As per Administration’s recommendation, Council concurred that the estimated project cost of $40 million dollars should be funded through the following two mechanisms: $10 million dollars from the Off-site Levy Recovery Fund (OLRF) and a $30 million dollar, 20-year debenture.

Council Motions:

March 14, 2016 Standing Committee of the Whole Video: Councillor MacKay has a provided the following notice of motion: “That the video from the March 14, 2016 SCOW meeting be posted on the cities [sic] website in an un-redacted format.”

Council also has a couple of items that will be discussed in camera at the end of the meeting. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Have a great week everyone!

(Note: The photo at the top of today’s blog post was a Tundra Swan Yoga Session that I stumbled upon while out at Big Lake this week).

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