Council Meeting: April 24, 2017

Council Meeting: April 24, 2017

Good news, with the Oilers’ Game 6 win, there will be no scheduling conflict with our Council meeting on Monday! So, now that we’ll have everyone’s full attention, here’s a look at what will be on the Agenda for Monday’s meeting:

Committee of the Whole Recommendation: Civic Agency Appointments: There are a couple of vacancies on Civic Agencies and this recommendation fills two of those vacancies.

Campbell Road Park & Ride Land Purchase & Revised Cost Estimate: It has taken a little longer to get to this point than I think we all hoped, but the purpose of this report is to authorize the City Manager to purchase land from the Province of Alberta for the construction of a Transit Centre and Park and Ride, and to update Council on the progress of the project to date. The proposed layout of the Park and Ride can be found here.

Possible Names for Employment Lands: As per direction, Administration consulted landowners within the Employment Lands and the Technical Naming Review Panel to gather names for consideration. The purpose of this report is to provide Council with the rationale for the list of alternative names considered, the recommended replacement name for the Employment Lands – “Lakeview Business District”, to propose a street naming convention, and to provide alternatives to the term “Park”. There are also motions from Councillor Heron and Councillor Hughes suggesting alternate names.

Municipal Planning Commission 360 Review: Previously, Council passed a motion that the city staff, council, the development community and the general public be provided an opportunity to provide feedback on the possible re-establishment of a Municipal Planning Commission. This item presents the findings of the St. Albert Municipal Planning Commission 360° Review Report.

Council Policy C-CAO-18 Public Communication: Council is being requested to approve amendments to City Council Policy C-CAO-18 Public Communication which has been updated to align with the new Council Policy C-CAO-20 Public Participation Policy, approved by Council on March 20, 2017.

Backyard Hens Pilot Project Update: This report provides Council with an update on the Backyard Hen Pilot Project. Administration is recommending changes to the Terms of Reference for the St. Albert Backyard Hen Pilot Project; specifically, to reduce the radius unanimous consent notification area and to adjust the timeline. The proposed change is to require unanimous consent from adjoining site(s) along a common property line.

Bylaw 18/2016 Digital Display Signs: This item brings forward third reading of the bylaw regarding digital signs.

Public Hearing (5 p.m.): Bylaw 7/2017 – Riverside Stage 18 Redistricting: The purpose of the report is to outline the proposed redistricting of Riverside Stage 18 from Low Density Residential (R1) to Low Density Residential (R2), through the amendment of Schedule A of the Land Use Bylaw 9/2005.

Council Motions

Policy Updates – Phasing Out of Federal Grant Funds: Mayor Crouse has provided the following notice of motion: “That Policy C-FS-14 and any other policies and practices be revised such that allocation of the federal grant funds; (specifically gas tax) be phased out of utility model by December 2020 using a similar approach to MSI phase out.”

Council Vote – State of Local Emergency: Councillor Hughes has provided the following notice of motion: “That Administration draft for Council’s approval a resolution for the 2017 AUMA Convention, to advocate to the Province to reconsider the requirement that a Council vote is required to declare a state of local emergency.”

That’s all for this week. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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